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The Trees for Transport story

Aotearoa is on the road to an electric vehicle future, but we can’t sit idle until then.

To help absorb CO2 emissions from the transport sector, Trees for Transport are planting native trees along walking and cycling trails around the country with our charity partner Trees That Count. Even when carbon-based fuels are long a thing of the past, the trees planted today will continue to enrich ecosystems, purify the air we breathe and beautify our natural surrounds for future generations to explore and enjoy.

Trees for Transport launched in 2022 and we’re proud to have donated over 17,000 native trees to planting projects, from our nation’s far north to its deep south.

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These projects, and any more that we support, are funded through Trees That Count, a programme that matches funders with planting projects throughout New Zealand. Trees That Count is managed by the Project Crimson Trust, an environmental charity that has proudly been at the heart of conservation efforts in New Zealand for more than three decades.

With your help, in years to come we will be able to support even more projects, plant more trees and accelerate to a greener future! You can help us make a difference for as little as $10.

Our foundation partner - Ando

Ando is a majority-locally owned insurance agency with offices in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch. They work with New Zealand’s leading broker groups and are the general insurance partner to Kiwibank.

Working towards carbon net zero, their goal is to achieve a much bigger impact than just reducing their own footprint and that’s why they founded Trees for Transport.

As an insurance business, their environmental impact is fairly low, however they do provide cover for private and commercial vehicles. In total, the transport sector contributes approximately 40% of Aotearoa’s CO2 emissions1, and whilst we know that more sustainable technology for transport is coming, we can’t sit idle until then. So they thought this was a great starting point to do their bit for the environment.

Working with Trees That Count and local community planting groups, Ando is donating 10,000 trees each year for planting alongside our nation’s growing number of walking and cycling trails. 

1Ministry for the Environment. 2023. New Zealand’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990–2021. Wellington: Ministry for the Environment.

“This is our insurance policy.”
Thérèse Singleton Chief Operating Officer – Ando (Foundation Member)